David E. Drew  

My first loves are teaching, mentoring, research, and writing Click here for details
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I have taught full-time in the CGU Education program and part-time in the CGU Executive Management, Psychology, and Public Policy programs as well as at UCLA, American University and Harvard University. I have chaired many dissertation committees (in Education, and in other fields), and have served on a number of other dissertation committees.

Claremont Graduate University (CGU)

There are four major reasons I love working at this institution:

  • Extraordinary students. Many are mid-career working professionals, who bring a wealth of experience to the seminar table.
  • World-class faculty colleagues.
  • A quiet, beautiful physical environment.
  • The opportunities for creative, entrepreneurial projects at a small, private institution.

Most of my teaching is about quantitative research methods and statistical analysis. I have found that almost every student can master these techniques, even if he or she enters graduate school with very limited exposure to mathematics and with high math anxiety. I have had students who completed a four course statistics sequence and published journal articles, despite having previously taken only high school algebra 25 years earlier.

Throughout my career, I have held management and leadership positions. At CGU I served as founding chair of the Faculty Executive Committee and, for 10 years, as dean of the School of Educational Studies. But my first loves are teaching, mentoring, research, and writing.

I am immensely indebted to the scores of people who taught me important lessons. A few who immediately come to mind: a junior high school social studies teacher, my undergraduate mentor, the head of the computing center who took a chance on me as a potential programmer/software engineer, and the chair of the Education board of visitors when I served as dean.

These days I learn from my students.

Sample of courses I have taught

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The Claremont Graduate University
  • Quantitative Methods: elementary, intermediate and advanced
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Organizational Change
  • American Graduate Education
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education
  • Management Science Techniques in Education
  • Transdisciplinary Course about Social Entrepreneurship
  • Transdisciplinary Course about Transformative Diplomacy: Education, Technology, Gender, Social Justice

  • Introductory Statistics (for undergraduates)
  • Institutions in American Society
  • Quantitative Research Methods (for Ph.D. students)

American University
  • Sociology of Race Relations
  • Advanced Research Methodology

Harvard University
  • Graduate seminar on educational research (Teaching Assistant)
  • Taught introductory sociology to U.S. Navy personnel (Extension Division)
  • Taught short noncredit courses on computer programming to Harvard students, faculty and staff (Computing Center)