David E. Drew  

I publish work that speaks to practitioners in addition to my
academic or technical writing
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About My Publications

I have published ten books and articles in:

  • The leading scientific journal in the United States, Science,
  • A leading sociology journal, the American Journal of Sociology,
  • A leading higher education journal, Research in Higher Education,
  • Respected policy journals, including Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, and two journals of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine--Issues in Science and Technology and The Bridge,
  • STEM journals, e.g., Journal of Science Education and Technology, Journal of Chemical Education and Engineering Studies,
  • Information Technology journals, Communications of the ACM, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Academic Computing
  • Medical and health policy journals, Medical Care and Health Systems
and in other peer-reviewed journals.

I also have produced numerous technical reports, including peer-reviewed reports at the American Council on Education, the National Academy of Science, and the Rand Corporation.

I have tried to make my scholarship accessible to the general public. I have published articles in magazines (e.g., Slate, Transaction, Change) and newspapers (e.g., Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Detroit Free Press, Las Vegas Review Journal, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education).

This work has been reviewed in journals, (e.g., Science, Issues in Science and Technology, Contemporary Sociology, Journal of Higher Education, Journal of Scholarly Publishing, Review of Higher Education, Social Studies of Science, Society,Teachers College Record), magazines and newspapers, (e.g., Forbes, Discover, Psychology Today, the Chronicle of Higher Education, USA Today, the Washington Post, the Oregonian, the Los Angeles Times), on numerous radio stations, and on public, commercial and cable television.

All of my publications are listed in my Curriculum Vitae.